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Professional training for horses at any stage of their career.  
Classical methods & patience - no gimmicks or gadgets.

Beth Collyer began riding before she could walk, off the lead-line at 4yrs and played her first game of Polo at 9.  She grew up training horses under her father's careful guidance before becoming a professional in her 20's.  Beth has had the privilege of working under world-class trainers in several disciplines but credits the hundreds of horses managed, trained, owned or sold as her best teachers. 

Below are a few Beth has trained...

Quick Trip
Owner Daley Davis
No Reservations
Owner Beth Collyer
Owner Beth Collyer
2011 GHJA Rsv Chmp Adult Jumpers
Pink Floyd
Owner Daley Davis
2011 GHJA Gr. Chmp Child Jumpers
Russian Sage
Owners Beth Collyer
​& Cathy Reed
Herman Von Braun
Owner Beth Collyer
​2011 GHJA Rsv. Chmp Child Jumpers

Training Rates

Sessions may be purchased individually or as a program of one, three or five days per week.  

Individual Sessions (at home) $40 
Schooling at show site:  $40 (shipping etc billed additionally) 

Horse Shown Over-Fences (per class) $20
Horse Shown on the Flat (Hack)- per class $15
Horse Shown Per Day (up to 6 classes) $60

Off-Site Training $60 (Beth comes to you)

Training Programs
Training is not included in board and must be purchased separately.  
Payment is due in advance of each month along with, but in addition to board.
Sessions within a training program may be either training rides or lessons.

1 Day per Week:  $150              3 Days per Week: $360              5 Days per Week:  $500 

4 sessions per month

12 sessions per month
only $30 each

20 sessions per month
only $25 each

Training Board: $750
Includes Full Board and training with Beth Collyer 5 days per week.
Expenses such as farrier, vet, shipping or show fees etc, billed separately.

What is the difference between a Training Program and Training Board?
A training program includes professional rides for a boarded horse and instruction for the boarder to achieve better communication and performance as a team.  Training Board is purely about the horse, five days per week of training with Beth Collyer, the owner is not also receiving instruction as part of the training board rate.